Mona Charen | 142. To Boldly Split Infinitives
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142. To Boldly Split Infinitives

Jay and Mona are back together and conversation ranges far and wide: from rape in Sweden and Germany to immigration to the words “neocon” and “isolationist” and much more. Did Hillary just forget, in the moment, about Bill when she said all women who make accusations of rape are to be believed? Jay speaks of the use and abuse of symbols. There is praise of London — as Samuel Johnson said “If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life.” There is discussion of populism and Trump and immigration pro and con, and some closing thoughts on the damage Obama can still do in the year remaining in his term.

Jay saw and loved Star Wars. Mona confesses to having been a Trekkie. We close with — who else? — John Williams.

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