Mona Charen | 135. Is It Time To Panic About Trump?
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135. Is It Time To Panic About Trump?

rameshponnuru300x410Ramesh Ponnuru joins NTK to discuss Trump and the state of the race. Ramesh tries to cull some lessons from Trump’s popularity, as should we all. But let’s face it, if Trump is the nominee, it will represent the suicide of the Republican Party. Jay has decided to delay panicking until Thanksgiving.

After Ramesh’s report, talk moves to Bernie Sanders, the Democrats, and socialism, Iran’s test of a nuclear-capable missile, the Obama administration’s disgusting moral equivalence between Israelis being stabbed in the streets, and the Palestinians who rejoice in it. “Clock boy” pays a visit to one of the world’s genocidal murderers (remember Darfur?).

The podcast closes with happier thoughts about Dick Van Dyke, The Martian, and a fantastic young cellist.

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