Mona Charen | 134. Stop the Madness
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134. Stop the Madness

Mona and Jay begin their latest hour by talking about the House leadership race: curiouser and curiouser. Then they olsenheadshot-150x150are joined by Henry Olsen, a scholar of politics, and in particular elections. He gives his analysis of the presidential campaign (on both the R and the D sides).

The hosts do some talking about presidential politics themselves. And about Russia and Putin. Speaking of the Soviets, the City Council of New York has honored Ethel Rosenberg. Why in the world did they snub Julius? Sexism?

Mona brings up a piece that Jay has in the current National Review: “Hung Up on Israel: An explanation for the sincere.” This is meant to answer the question, “Why do you write so much about Israel? What’s the big deal?”

Mona brings us some good news from academe, not a reliable source of good news: At one Ivy League college, at least, the Cold War is being taught non-dishonestly. What’s next, art for art’s sake?

Speaking of the arts, the prime Gilbert & Sullivan group in New York has canceled “The Mikado.” The group had been criticized for ethnic stereotyping. When will the world say “Enough is enough”? “Enough political correctness! Stop the madness!”

Not soon enough for Mona and Jay . . .

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