Mona Charen | 122. The Greek Way
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122. The Greek Way

N2K_001bEdith Hamilton wrote a famous book called “The Greek Way.” Economic collapse was not what she had in mind.

img-desmondlachman300x225_171913667705Mona and Jay have an excellent guest to discuss Greece: Desmond Lachman, of the American Enterprise Institute. He is full of sympathy for that country, but is unsparing in his analysis.

Then Mona and Jay talk about a variety of issues, starting with The Donald. Who spells trouble for the Republicans, at least for now. The hosts are far warmer toward another candidate, Rick Perry.

They talk about the stubborn question of the hour – Iran – and also about climate change. Mona hails Matt Ridley, an invaluable scientific Brit. Jay hails “On the Town.” There’s a little something for everyone.

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