Mona Charen | 116. Is America in Eclipse?
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116. Is America in Eclipse?

ntk-logoThose were some of Jay’s thoughts as he trooped around Istanbul. Need to Know doesn’t go for small-fry issues. So this week, it’s the rise and fall of empires! Do Americans appreciate and understand their past? Should we teach American history “virtues and all”? Certainly the left seems to have abandoned one of the key tenets of the founding – a belief in the near sanctity of free speech. Jay and Mona have a good deal to say about the left’s hypocrisy and cowardice on this score. They also discuss the British elections, the NHS, America’s duty to brave Iraqis who put their lives on the line for us, and much more. We close with one of Tchaikovsky’s most memorable melodies – the opening of his Piano Concerto #1. It got panned by critics when it debuted (the subject of a Great Courses lecture), but listeners can decide who has the last laugh.

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