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107. 50 Shades of Jay

N2K_001bWhen you think of Need to Know, pulp fiction, especially of the sexual variety, is probably not the first thing that hymowitz__hirespops into your mind. But Jay and Mona welcome The Manhattan Institute’s Kay Hymowitz to talk about the national (actually international) phenomenon that is 50 Shades of Grey. There’s some sociological gold to be mined here, and we take a stab at it, as it were. We then consider whether, on balance, the “full Bulworth” phase of the Obama presidency will be the ruin of us all or perhaps lay the groundwork for a new conservative era of reform. Jay and Mona ponder Clinton Inc., Khameini’s movie criticism, the Bush dynasty question, and many other matters. Do join us!

Music from this week’s episode:  I’m Just Wild About Harry by Peggy Lee

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Featuring the writing of Emily Esfahani Smith, Abby Schachter, R.J. Moeller, Mark Judge, and many more.

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